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“The flowers in the garden, the wheat fields in front of my house, the smell of the rain, my mum’s freshly baked cake, my grandfather’s eau de cologne… Logevy was born from the memories and suggestions of the smells of my Tuscan childhood.” - Stefano Cintelli, Master Perfumer​​​​​​ and Logevy Founder.

Florence 1965, the streets of the centre are filled with the perfume from the ever-open boutiques. The artisans set up their equipment outside their shops, and it is right here, in these boutiques, that the ancient tradition is carried forward, taking the Florentine art of perfume ever forward. It is no coincidence that this precious art became so established in Florence, because it is here that the most precious blends were created in the Renaissance period.

Florence became the capital of Perfume thanks to Cateriana dei Medici who, in the first half of the 16th century, together with her trusted perfumer Renato Bianco, introduced the use of perfume to the Italian courts.

Private Collection

Private Collection is a symbol of elegance and luxury, consisting of three premium home fragrances produced from exquisite ingredients from Grasse - world's leading center for perfume artistry. Each bottle is a work of art, meticulously crafted in Italy with refined design and exceptional perfection, including a special set of black diffuser sticks made from recycled synthetic fibers, ensuring optimal scent diffusion and showcasing luxury and attention to detail.

Logevy Linen Fragrances

Our exclusive fragrances will give the linen and fabrics of your home pleasant sensations whose duration and intensity will amaze you. Thanks to the use of quality raw materials without the addition of dyes, Logevy linen fragrances are safe products that do not stain the fabrics, and will become a light but persistent presence in your daily life.


Logevy will be at Thao Dien Weekend Bazaar on 29-30/6

Join Logevy at the weekend market at Thao Dien Weekend Bazaar to enjoy shopping and experience many interesting activities.

Fashionisto Thuan Nguyen: Fragrance and the art of living happily

Fashionisto Thuan Nguyen isn't just an icon of minimalist elegance but also incredibly sophisticated in selecting fragrances to elevate the art of living space arrangement. In a chance encounter, he shared his special fondness for Logevy Firenze 1965 interior fragrance from Italy.

Do you know how to use LOGEVY Firenze 1965 interior perfume?

LOGEVY Firenze - a high-end perfume brand from Italy brings you a new experience in living space.

Explore the Elegance of Italian Home Fragrance: Logevy Firenze 1965

In our living spaces, a beautiful and captivating fragrance is not only a focal point but also an essential part of creating a comfortable and luxurious environment. In Italy, the birthplace of fashion and the art of perfume-making, Logevy Firenze 1965 stands out as a symbol of sophistication and high quality fragrance.

Relax on the weekend, immerse yourself in the lively art space with the Logevy booth

Join Logevy on an exciting journey at More than an art market at Saigon OutCast Thao Dien, the intersection of artistic souls


All these flavors of love are captured in the interior fragrance collection of Logevy Firenze 1965, which cleverly blends emotional scents with the elegant beauty of Italian art and culture.

Gift Set with Italian Style for Your Special Woman

Not only a fragrance, LOGEVY Firenze 1965 is also a furniture product that enhances value, brings beauty and fragrance to any space, and is a luxurious and perfect gift for any occasion.

Unique fragrance solution for fabrics from Logevy Firenze 1965.

5 unique fragrances exclusively designed for Logevy's fabrics are named after 5 different fabric materials. Each scent brings a distinct style and is sure to please even the most discerning noses

Turn your bathroom into a relaxation paradise with Logevy Firenze 1965 home fragrance

The bathroom is an extremely important space for you to take care of yourself, and Logevy Firenze 1965's collection of fragrances for the bathroom will make every moment you spend on your own even more special.

Explore the unique collection for the bedroom with delicate scents from Logevy Firenze 1965

The bedroom is not simply a place to rest, but also an important private space - where we seek peace and feel the emotions of life. With Logevy Firenze 1965, we not only bring a luxurious scent but also create a classy living experience, making your bedroom space unique and full of positive energy.

Fragrance creates a Luxurious and Classy Living Room Space during the festive season!

For this year's festive season, Logevy would like to suggest 4 suitable scents for your living room - a place to welcome distinguished guests and organize parties with the main red tone symbolizing warmth and luck

Perfume - The Culprit of Fabric Stains!

Did you know that some types of perfume contain dyes or essential oils from tree resins and wood, which are the main causes of yellow stains on your expensive clothes? Even if you don't spray it directly on your clothes!!

Fragrance for Fabrics - The Sophisticated Language of Fashion

In the world of fashion, not only color, style, and material determine the beauty of an outfit, but also the special fragrance it carries. Fragrance not only creates a subtle attraction but also has its own language, reflecting the personality of the wearer and playing an important role in creating a perfect outfit.

Halloween fragrances collection

Trick or treat!!! Are you ready to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Halloween? Let’s discover a special collection of our most spooky scents!

How to Use Logevy Firenze 1965 Fabric Fragrance

Logevy Firenze 1965 is a fragrance brand founded by the talented Italian artisan Stefano Cintelli, who has dedicated over 40 years of his life to creating distinctive fragrances for leading perfume conglomerates in Italy. Logevy fragrance products, carefully selected and exclusively distributed by Evolve Wellness Center, consist of two distinctive lines: room fragrances and specialized fabric fragrances. Beyond their unique designs and luxurious scents, these products encapsulate the rich cultural and historical background of Florence and ancient Italy.

Elegant Gift Set for Her Day

Celebrating Vietnamese Women Day, LOGEVY are delighted to introduce a range of gift sets with sweet and sophisticated fragrances, perfect for every woman's unique personality.

Combining Architecture and Fragrance to Create a Classy Living Space

As life becomes more luxurious, people tend to invest in the house they live in, with a variety of architectural styles that suit their own aesthetics. From that existing architectural foundation, they also want their house to have a unique fragrance, first to make themselves comfortable, cheerful, and happy, and then to make it enjoyable for guests coming to the house: Exquisite aesthetic taste and separate living space, thereby understanding more about the homeowner's personality.

What message does our living space conceal?

Our living space, health, and mental well-being are closely related factors. Even the scents in the space create emotions.

The Fragrant Path to Mindfulness

With a firm belief in the importance of mindfulness in life, LOGEVY has organized a workshop "The Fragrant Path to Mindfulness" on August 26. Over 40 participants have embarked on a journey to explore scents' ability to heal emotions, nurture the soul, and remind us to live fully and deeply in every moment.

Enjoy an endless olfactory voyage

Enjoy an endless olfactory voyage through the enchantment of our 19 original home fragrances.

How to Use Logevy Firenze 1965 Fragrance

Guide on how to use Logevy's fragrance diffusers, spray home fragrances and fabric fragrances to achieve optimal scent longevity.

National Holiday Week - Special Offers

Celebrating Vietnam National Day, EVOLVE WELLNESS CENTER AND LOGEVY - ITALIAN HOME FRAGRANCES are delighted to offer you unforgettable experiences during this occasion with enticing promotions.

There is nothing more memorable than scent

Create a fresh and lively atmosphere by evoking the fragrance of hand-washed linen.

LOGEVY's Autumn Fragrance Collection

October, the month of romantic autumn with the first breezes and crisp weather. LOGEVY's Autumn Fragrance Collection will transport you to the charming ancient streets of Florence, Italy, adorned with vibrant red maple leaves and the warm scents of spicy wine and comforting wood, like a soothing embrace during rainy days.

"Elevating Living Space with Fragrance" Workshop

The workshop aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience a tranquil space and unique fragrances, in order to rediscover beautiful memories, awaken emotions, and rejuvenate energy for a happier life.

4 Steps to Keep Clothes Clean and Fresh in the Rainy Season!

The rainy season has arrived, making it challenging to prevent clothes and household items from becoming uncomfortably damp and musty. LOGEVY will guide you through 4 simple steps to keep your clothes clean and fresh in any situation!

Best Product for Home Design at the NY NOW Awards!

Learn more about Logevy Firenze 1965, its history and its award winning.


Explore our gallery to experience the luxury of Logevy Firenze 1965 Fragrances.

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